Two [Video] Cursed

[Mokona is sitting in some vague outside location, looking baffled at the world.]

Can everybody see? Mokona can...

[Mokona grabs an ear; her entire body turns a pastel shade of purple. She lets go and grabs the other ear; she's now a nice cherry red. When she lets go again her body goes back to white and she looks up, optimistic.]

Kyaa~ Mokona looks like colored balloons!

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One [Video, Arrival]

[Video is dark, opens feed with a sharp cracking noise; plastic hitting stone. A childish voice makes muffled noises.]

Mokona fell from the sky! Ouch!

...Syaoran? Sakura?

[Camera moves, straightens out. A closeup of Mokona can be seen peering through the screen.]

Ehh? Not from Kurogane's world. Buttons...

Ehhhh?! Did Mokona change worlds when Mokona fell...from...?

[A look of intense concern, and then instant cheer.]

But Mokona can still look for - Oh! Can you hear me? Looks like the cameras in Oto and Piffle.

[The camera moves backwards, Mokona looking out very seriously.]

Mokona is looking for people. Has anyone seen a cute boy or girl, a blond man, or a dark and scary bigger man?

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