August 15th, 2010


One [Video, Arrival]

[Video is dark, opens feed with a sharp cracking noise; plastic hitting stone. A childish voice makes muffled noises.]

Mokona fell from the sky! Ouch!

...Syaoran? Sakura?

[Camera moves, straightens out. A closeup of Mokona can be seen peering through the screen.]

Ehh? Not from Kurogane's world. Buttons...

Ehhhh?! Did Mokona change worlds when Mokona fell...from...?

[A look of intense concern, and then instant cheer.]

But Mokona can still look for - Oh! Can you hear me? Looks like the cameras in Oto and Piffle.

[The camera moves backwards, Mokona looking out very seriously.]

Mokona is looking for people. Has anyone seen a cute boy or girl, a blond man, or a dark and scary bigger man?

((ooc EDIT: I managed to mess up the posting time for this, so it didn't show up on newsfeeds. So sorry! And because I'm starting school and tagging slowly anyway, feel free to keep this one alive until I have time for a real open tag.))